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Writing for you

Thanks for your curiosity about my writing. I love writing for various publications, and welcome your queries for guest blogging and articles.

Please familiarize yourself with Sayable, check out the archives and utilize the tags. If there’s a published post you’re interested in using for your blog or publication, please email me and we can talk!

If you’re wondering if I can write something especially for your blog or publication, please email me about that as well—I’d love to hear your thoughts and see if I can make it work.

Editing/Reading for you

I get a lot of requests to read and/or edit blogs and pieces. Let me tell you a little secret about most writers:

We’re terrible editors. Yup! We’re darn good at putting words out there, but we’re not so great at pulling them back. E.B. White (of Elements of Style, and yes, Charlotte’s Web) famously said “Omit needless words” and I’ll tell you the only secret of good editing I know: obey him. Self-edit your work by combing through for unnecessary words, you’d be surprised at how tight this will make your final piece.

That said, if you send me a piece, I’ll read it. I promise I’ll read it. I might not be able to get back to you with my thoughts, but I promise I’ll read it!


“Lore Ferguson is a writer I’ve watched and read for years, a writer with this fresh,
singular voice that is as muscular as it is exquisite. A rare, authentic wonder in the

Ann Voskamp, author of New York Times Bestseller, One Thousand Gifts and blogger
at A Holy Experience


“Lore Ferguson stares straight into the truth of things and writes what she sees, with her
heart ever searching for the redemption that comes after brokenness, the dawn that breaks
after the tormented night. By not flinching from the heartbreak of a broken world, she is
able to give readers a truly hopeful picture of beauty springing from ashes.”

Tony Woodlief, author of Somewhere More Holy, columnist for Wall Street Journal,
New York Times, World Magazine, writer for Image Journal, and blogger at Sand in the


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