Why don’t you have comments enabled?

My comment Policy is that I don’t have comments enabled. I had them enabled for many years and when I switched over to WordPress, lost nearly a decade’s worth of comments and my heart was crushed.

Comments are like a blogger’s currency, it’s how we prove that our words have worth to the world. And when my heart was crushed I realized I’d built an idol of sorts out of comments. I’d begun to worship the number instead of the One for whom I was writing.

Because I never do anything by halves, I disabled comments and here we are!

I still love getting emails from readers though—especially because I’ve found that in an email a reader is more likely to be honest and it takes a little more intentionality. It also affords me the opportunity to really think through responses to my readers. So if you’ve been hanging around Sayable for a while and you’d like to introduce yourself, please do! I mean that with all my heart. I can’t always respond quickly, but I always DO respond. Promise!

You can also find me on facebook or twitter and interact with me there. I’m active on both. Or just use the handy form below.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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  1. But, you do have comments enabled for me, I see. :) I read some of your stuff and am thankful for your heart. I sent my wife your post on homeschooling pitfalls. Your transparency helps people. Thanks.

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