She is Beautiful

I met the Church this week and she is beautiful.

Her hips are wide and she sways to the praise of her God. She laughs loudly, her head thrown back, two rows of gleaming teeth; her sound is joy. She is too short or too tall, too much, not enough. She sips her wine slowly, savoring the taste of life. She gulps the last drops, never afraid to do anything boldly. She is half a century old, she is twenty-two. She is a writer a speaker a story-teller a friend. She adopted her children. She lost hers.

I met the Church this week and she is beautiful.

I gathered with some women this week, thinkers, dreamers, ministers, travelers, speakers, writers. They are half the Church and there was nothing halfway in our gathering. There was robust fullness, women fully there, fully present, fully themselves. There was no competition, no idle chatter, no small talk, and no shortage of prayers or tears. There were rooms fully alive in the fullness of God.

I am a Church-girl, I have always known it. There is nothing, nothing, I love more on earth than a diverse community of believers wrought together by one common thing: an uncommon man. On a local level, this means I serve her, I love her, I pray for her, I believe in her. On a broad level, this means I see her place in the manifold plan of God.

We are His plan. The Church is it. Without the Church we are factions of individuals broken by the things that set us apart. With the Church we are reminded it is our brokenness that binds us together, planting us deep on the level ground before the cross.

The Church is beautiful because she has met with God. She has seen Him and been seen by Him—fully, all her blemishes and beauty, all her brokenness and bravery, all her boldness and belief.

I met the Church this week and she took my breath away.

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  1. Leave a comment? Can I do that here?

    I’m whispering . . . but I’m clapping, too. The inside kind. Sitting with you at that table under the twinkle lights, it was a little bit like Heaven don’t you think?

  2. I experienced some of this at the TGC Womens’ conference last year, and it was indeed beautiful. Wish I had it at my own church.

  3. What beautiful comments you have made about the Church! God is honoured when we speak so of His Companion.

  4. This is beautiful and so true, Lore. Thank you for sharing with me.

  5. Lovely Lore. She is beautiful. And last week was just a tiny, tiny glimpse of the glory. Makes me excited for heaven. :)

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