I will sleep to the sound of thunder, to the look of lightening through the trees.
And I will sleep well.


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16 responses to WELL

  1. I really hope that this is true and not just beautiful writing. I know you love the rain. It has rained on Atlanta every day this week, always in the mornings or late evenings. The rain causes a deep, deep ache of reminder in me of days past, but knowing someone as lovely as you likes it so much helps make it easier to bear. Goodnight sweet friend…

  2. This is true. The sky grew dark halfway through homegroup tonight and before the night was over, the sky opened up and rained down. It’s still coming down. I love, love, love the rain. I always have. I always will. But I love it most here in Texas because it’s so rare. I know to treasure it when it comes. Sleep well friend!

  3. you’ve girlied-up your site.

  4. Did you folks get rain too?

  5. I did. Hope it’s okay. Not too girly =)

  6. No. I was just saying amen to the sleeping part. :)

  7. Ooohhh…I’m praying hard for the rest of the states. But I am oh so enjoying this day of rain. No complaints here with my office window open. It’s lovely.

  8. How is my favorite writer doing?

  9. Well. First, who is your favorite writer? ;)
    But if you’re asking how I am, I am okay. The rain helped my spirits, but I am sitting deep in the sads this week =)

  10. My favorite writer is you. :) I’m sorry you are in the sads this week. Sending you a big hug friend.

  11. You are so good to me. Really. Thanks for loving me well. How are YOU this week!?

  12. Charlotte McPherson August 16, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    Lore, this is such a lovely, soulful photograph. I have kept it open on my computer for 3 days. Not sure why I’m so connected to it, but it just keeps magnetically pulling me in.

  13. Mama-McPherson!? I had no idea that you read my blog =) I feel so blessed and honored because I know how much you love beauty =) Thank you!

  14. How can I not? You are such a sweetheart. My week, well, let’s just say it’s been interesting. Thanks for asking. :)

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