Much joy happened at this table.

Two years ago this time I was giving away the last vestiges of my furniture. A dining room table, a bookshelf, some dishes, these were left.

I was ready to mark down the already low prices when a woman walked by in our walking town. “How much?” she asked about the table. I don’t remember telling her a price, though, and we just got to talking. She was a single mom, recently moved back from Iowa and starting over with nothing but a child and an empty apartment. “Take it,” I said, “and the dishes and the shelf, and whatever else will help you build your new home.”

That haggard desperation in her face will never leave my mind.

I knew it well because my own heart felt that haggard desperation too. It was why I was leaving, why I was driving to Texas with nothing, no plan, no job, no place to live.

I just knew that God was going to meet me there.

And I wanted God to meet this young mother here.

She came back by a few hours later with her car and I gave her a box of curtains, sheets, dishtowels. She wept and I wept and I hugged her and I don’t even remember her name.

I thought this morning of my almost anniversary, Texas and me, we’re going on two years.

I crested a hill (the only one I know around here) and the sight took my breath away for one moment. It’s rained all week, and brown earth and leaves have turned into a spring green, lush and wild. I loved Texas for that one moment. I loved it.

Sometimes things don’t turn out like we imagined. Sometimes we end up a single mom from Iowa who has neither table nor towels. Sometimes a northern girl born for mountains and green is transplanted to flat suburbia.

I think about that table a lot. I loved that table. I loved it a lot. I hope she loves it too. And I hope in the moments when she sits at it with her head in her hands wondering how in the world she got here? To upstate New York? Mothering alone? I hope in those moments she remembers that God’s best gifts aren’t always what we expect, or when we expect them. But He comes graciously and He meets us there.

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8 responses to COME to the TABLE, TASTE and SEE

  1. Love this story, Lore. And I love the way God grants us these little whisper gifts to remind us of His presence and His faithfulness. Even when we don’t expect to see it. Maybe especially then.

  2. Thanks Leigh =) Maybe especially then, yes. I think you’re right.

  3. the image of you and the girl that got your table gave me good tears. thank you for this.

  4. You are so beautiful dearest one.

  5. Thanks friend! I like good tears. Most of the time =)

  6. Thanks for loving me so well, Pilar! Your encouragement is so intentional and so meaningful to me. Truly.

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