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Someone told me once that the Native American word for Denton County (where I live) literally means “Bad Air.” The allergens in this part of the country are like nothing I’ve experienced before and summer is the worst. These two are my weapons of choice.


I grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania. Which really means that I spent Decembers going to Washington’s Crossing on the Delaware, summers meandering through old town Philadelphia, touching railings touched by Benjamin Franklin, autumns in Valley Forge and Gettysburg, reading every piece of Revolutionary and Civil War literature known to man, and, of course, touring the Binney & Smith Crayola Crayon Factory no less than a dozen times.

This week is a back-to-school event sponsored by one of the divisions of the non-profit for which I work. So we spent the morning sorting through hundreds of thousands of school supplies. Which means that my hands smelled like Binney & Smith and, consequently, my childhood. I loved that.


I have found my fray. We are the nerds who gather around an Ikea table in a white kitchen every Sunday afternoon for a game of Settlers of Catan. We are waging war, we are building roads, and we are settling for nothing. Get out of our way.


My baby niece turned one this week. ONE!

The hardest part of Texas, for me, is not the flat endless land. It is not the Starbucks on every corner and the void of cute, fun coffee shops. It is not the hot, dry weather. It is not the traffic and road construction. It is not even the fact that it takes a half hour to get anywhere.

The hardest part of Texas for me is that I’m so far from my family. We are so scattered, so geographically spread out that it would be hard to live anywhere near all of them at the same time. But I’ll be honest. The hardest part is that I’m missing this peanut grow up. She’s walking now. And she’s as teeny-tiny as I was at one. And I love her so dearly.

And I’m so, so far away.

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  1. Lore, I’m from Philadelphia and I share and so deeply miss all those same memories!!! It is a very special place, with a very different spirit, that gets in you and doesn’t let go, for all its flaws! I felt like an orphan too, and sort of was, growing up in foster care. And the city became my place, my home, my family. I’m in Chicago now, which holds its own memories, but not as poignant. I’m far from family as well, but have been blessed with another, larger family:) I just read your story today and loved it. I’d like to know you more.

  2. I pray and hope that Louisville will be nothing like Denton county! I love Texas, I love the DFW, and I love my childhood home. I can’t stand the allergies. I’ve heard that same saying all my life about “Bad Air” and I believe it!

  3. In my experience with Chattanooga (which isn’t toooo far from there), my allergies weren’t bad there. Though I hear nasty things about Nashville—which is closer to L. Sorry =(

  4. Well, as you know Lore, I’m here in Philadelphia, having originally been from Dallas, and I can tell you that I firmly believe I have the better end of this deal. Although, it’s still just as hot. Good. Freaking. Lord. It. Is. Hot. And I now have seasonal allergies whereas before I did not. And I tour beer breweries now instead of crayon factories. And I’ve lost every game of Settlers I’ve ever played.

    Hmm… Maybe it would be different back in DFW.

    Oh, but I could never leave my amazing “cute, fun” coffee-shops.

  5. It is a special place. For sure. Sometimes I consider heading back that way, getting in touch with my roots, moving in with my Gram and such =) Thanks for coming by and for dropping a comment. Come back again soon!

  6. You do. No need to rub it in. I know it every time I go outside =)

    Not just as hot though, don’t try to pull that one…I can’t believe you have seasonal allergies there, but didn’t here! That’s crazy…

    I’m on a current winning streak of Settlers, two in a row. People are asking what’s my secret and asking me for interviews. So I’ll tell you the secret: keep quiet and carry a big stick. There are a lot of ways to wield your powa in that game, but only if you’re nonchalant about it =)

  7. Word on the street is that if you had allergies prior to moving to Nashville, you won’t have them here. And if you didn’t have them before, then you’ll get them once Nashville-bound. Since I had allergies in Illinois, I haven’t had an issue at all in the past two years. It’s like a Christmas miracle.

  8. I get this. I soak up any time I get in my hometown. I’m still so glad I moved but that’s definitely the hardest part of being here.

  9. Yeah. I mean, I’m glad I’m here too. But yeah. It doesn’t help that almost my entire family is on the east coast…

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